Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Pumpkin pony

Thursday's lesson with my friend Helen - dressed as skeletons naturally

Happy Halloween everyone :)

I've never been bothered before but this year I'm very much on board. An excuse to dress up, make things and eat chocolate must not be missed. I can't believe it's taken this long...

We went to see our friends last night and their two children have gone bonkers decorating the house with cobwebs and skeletons and they'd made a big Halloween treasure hunt for us. It was brilliant fun and really cool.

Then this afternoon I walked into the living room and found Phil carving a pumpkin so I had to try too - equine themed of course! I love my pumpkin pony :)

Real pony is still a jolly little soldier, though it's been a rainy week for them and he's got a touch of mud fever. No swelling, just some small scabs on his near fore. I've been putting Aromaheel on which I find very good but if it flairs up more he'll need antibiotics.

Yesterday I did Step 1 of the The Pony Club Coach Development Course. I was a bit lousy with cold and not feeling super confident but my mini lesson seemed to go quite smoothly and the feedback was good. 

There's a lot to think about now if you want to be a coach. You need sound knowledge, people skills and horse skills of course, but also you need to be on top of your paperwork. When I spoke to the tutor afterwards she said that the Olympics coming to London had started a tidal wave of improvements in coaching. I never thought of that - but I love the idea. It was so exciting to watch, and made dressage so popular, and it's nice to think that the influence carries on and even affects little tadpoles like me! 

The course was very well taught and I'd like to do the second part in the spring. 

Be happy x

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Zed is brave and clever and wonderful

This photo is entirely unrepresentative of my appearance 
The photo above seems to suggest a human with her shit in order. She has new hair, a beautiful pony, and a seasonally-appropriate scarf.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm normally wearing joggers with a hole in the seat and have peanut butter in my eyebrows. Still, it's nice to have the occasional good photo to keep you motivated :) 

And - look at the lovely pony. He really is lovely - inside and out - and today he made my day by being brave and clever and wonderful. 

I've started doing a little bit of lunging with him and he's been slightly less at ease on the right rein, as I would expect. But we've been chipping away at it and today we managed very nicely. I gave him a huge fuss and 80 million kisses on the nose and he seemed content with a job well done.

It's such a huge responsibility to have a youngster, but I'm gradually finding my feet with the idea. At first my default thoughts were: "ohshitoohshitohshitwhatwasIthinking" but now its changing to: "ohshitohshitwhatwasIthinking...oohthisisfun!"

I got to ride two beautiful horses yesterday. Bramble, who took me on a lovely hack out in the sunshine, and Jimmy, possibly the most handsome horse in the world IMHO (will get a pic at some point). 

I'm still not quite my usual self but even through the waves of apprehension I could feel his gorgeous, powerful paces. He's very well schooled and straight and just the teeniest bit spooky but he only did a bit of peering, no whipping about, so I certainly won't complain.

Picture of the sainted one - How I love her 
Nancy has had a horror poo bug so most of the week has been cleaning up and dealing with evil smells but she's on the mend now, for which I'm very grateful. Today's been very foggy and autumnal which gives me every excuse to curl up on the sofa with my best girl and read the papers.

Be happy x