Friday, 24 February 2017


Original, inaccurate plan in blue, actual plan in black, bottom right corner

After my teeny tiny brain melt over Zed's hock, things got a lot better, very quickly.

I put a post on Facebook ...

And got a lot of really nice offers. The most exciting/closest one was an old friend (we were on the same livery yard about twelve years ago) who has her two horses stabled five minutes from my home.

I went up that evening to have a catch up and meet Hetty: a nine-year-old, 16.2hh bay mare. We had a good chit-chat and arranged the acid test - ass in the saddle time.

Which happened tonight. Hetty is a bit gorgeous (a lot gorgeous). She is extremely comfortable, very mannerly and we had a charming ride out with her owner, L, on her other horse, Blue. So fingers crossed we have a potential happy loan sitch cooking away there and you will be seeing more of Hetty on this blog.

Meanwhile, the day after brain melt I showed Alex (our vet) the plan I'd written out after he left (see above). He was a bit nonplussed, and thought I'd very much focused on the absolute worst case scenario and he really didn't think we'd be looking at three months box rest.

I was obviously a bit sad to discover I'd lost touch with reality, but not that sad, since actual reality was much nicer than my version.

So we did a new plan where we box rest Zed for three weeks and then scan the hock if there's any concern in the trot up. Alex thought it might even be fully resolved by then. 

So, Yipppppeeeee! 

My prisoner. He is NOT thrilled, and will remain plugged into a haynet for the foreseeable future.
Since then, I think the little patch of heat in that hock has reduced A LOT, so I'm going to hope for the best. 

And more importantly, Nutkin is getting a bit more settled on box rest. I do put his bridle on to take him to and fro from the walker but he's managing pretty well apart from a bit of moonwalking and head flicking. 

To top it all off, my friend at work has offered me her horse, who is Fanceeeee, to ride in the upcoming John Smart clinic! 

So overall I feel like the summer is looking promising.

I've got Zed to bring on (pray, everybody pray), Hetty to bring me on and fun with Max on the calendar.

And I rode Crystal today (super duper mare I rode at camp a couple of years ago) in a flatwork lesson.

Crystal poised ready to teach me all kinds of bobbins

More horses, always more horses



  1. Looking forward to hearing more about Hetty and hoping she'll be a good fill-in pony for the time being. Fingers crossed that your vet's version of reality is spot on and that your own horse is back to it sooner rather than later.

  2. Thanks Dom, hope Ozzy is continuing to get better too! xxx