Saturday, 11 March 2017

Pony Prisoner, Galloping and Setting High Standards

If you wish us well, then wish us luck on Monday. 

We've finally, nearly completed Zed's four week jail sentence and I am hoping that's it sorted and we can get back to turnout and riding. 

He's been pretty good about it, and seems resigned to his fate, but I feel heartily sorry for him. He's definitely fizzy, but seems more lonely than anything. He hates it when his neighbour gets turned out, and the rest of the time they stand staring at each other through the bars like Andy and Red in The Shawshank Redemption.

Each dawn brings a new day and the chance of good news
In direct contrast to the shitty guilt I feel for locking him up, is the happiness of riding Hetty and friends. We've had some spirit-lifting rides out as the sun has reappeared, and even snuck a pipe-opener in on Thursday.

Hetty "American Hill"
I had my lesson on Whisky on Thursday morning and despite the hurricane blowing outside he was really kind to me. My instructor made me stop doing mad nonsense with my inside leg through a lot of canter transitions and even though she had to remind me to sit up tall 90,000 times, she didn't stab me with a pitchfork. She might be heading for a sainthood.

L on Blue

Friday morning came with the chance to ride out on beautiful Bramble, who is an actual samaritan trapped inside a little dark bay mare. I just bloody love her bones and we went for such a relaxing walk into the village. The weather was very, very still and peaceful and it was just heaven. Even with lots of traffic and the school run in full flow - not a flicker - I feel safe as houses on her. You can keep your hot-headed-high-flyers, give me a safe hack any day of the week. 
Then it was time for the PTT and I rode Whisky again for a grid work lesson. Our instructors were being assessed by Marianne Watts BHSI. If you ever get the chance to have a lesson with Marianne, or even stand next to her, take it. She is so knowledgable and such a phenomenal teacher - misses NOTHING and makes you ride better without making you feel like a useless dunderhead. She reminded me not to be sloppy about adjusting my stirrup leathers properly and while we were talking she said: "Only you can set yourself high standards." I love that. It's written in the diary I keep of all the rides I do and I will endeavour to make good use of it. 

That's all for now. 

I'll update on Monday either way, hooves crossed for happy news (and turnout). 


  1. Fingers crossed for him being cleared to go back to his regularly scheduled life!

    1. Thank you Dom - Hope Ozzy is doing well x

  2. I have every digit possible crossed so we can have our second adventure out and about

  3. I have every digit possible crossed so we can have our second adventure out and about

    1. Oh that was so much fun! Thank you, Lynne :) xxx