Monday, 13 March 2017

Sort of Good News?

Zed and his secret leg, chockablock with mysteries

Well waiting for the verdict from my vet went well.

Time did seem to stand still today, but I did manage to stop myself running into traffic until Nicola arrived to put me out of my misery.

In short, it's Sort Of Good News. With a question mark. 

He trotted up sound.

The swelling is gone

But the leg still has heat in random places when compared to his right, which may or may not mean anything. 

He doesn't react when you press the splint bone hard

But he doesn't like having his tendons squished. Though he hates this on both legs, so not conclusive.

In short, his left hind is full of more secrets than a pharoah's tomb. And if we start prodding about we're either going to strike gold or wonder why we're blighted with a terrible curse. 

Because he'd been on box rest for a month there was no point lunging him because he would have gone off like a Catherine Wheel and any lameness would have been smothered in adrenalin.

So the plan is to get him turned out for a bit, lunge him for a bit, and take it from there. If he looks lame, or the swelling reappears, I'll confer with Nicola.

In short, we shall see. Or we shall have a thousand beetles feast on our eyeballs*.

*I think the classic Egyptian curses are the best.

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