Saturday, 20 May 2017

I rode Zed on Thursday. Though 'rode' is a strong word in this instance.

I tacked him up and sat on him and asked him if he remembered all this nonsense from before. He turned and glanced at my right toe and gave a non-commital "Maybe."

Then we scuttled up and down the yard a couple of times before circling the indoor.

Somewhere between eviscerating his left hock and growing obese enough to waddle dangerously, he has also developed head-shaking: perfecting the triumvirate of disaster.

While I would very much like to rest his leg longer (he is sound in walk and trot now for everyone who wants to string me up) I am conscious that if he puts any more weight on he's going to crash with laminitis so reluctantly I've decided to bring him back into a bit of walk work.

So there we were on Thursday afternoon, walking around the indoor and he was thrashing his head up and down like a shark killing a seal. It was not fun, and I concluded things quickly. 

When your face feels like it's full of hatching spider eggs the last thing you need is someone sitting on you. 

I returned home and raised my fears with Phil, who furrowed his brow and said he thought I had Munchausen by Proxy. 

Finding no sympathetic audience I decided to try and buy my way out of trouble. 

After looking at equilibrium nose nets online I found a cheaper alternative on ebay that looks exactly the same for a third of the price. 

Our fate now rests on a small piece of netting and velcro. How reassuring. 

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