Sunday, 11 June 2017

What's your story?

Everyone has a story, but often we're right in the messy middle of it and if someone asked the killer question, we might stumble over what to say.

I was listening to my new favourite blog today Happier in Hollywood, and Elizabeth Kraft and Sarah Fain were discussing the importance of knowing your story in LA - where you need to be memorable to get work and make contacts.

Now most of the world ain't Hollywood, and that might be a good thing (!) but I think it's still a pretty interesting question to ponder.

If our story is the way we see ourselves, then that can lend a huge weight to the direction of our lives. Maybe we don't like our story. Maybe we need a new story. Maybe we love our story and it puts a spring in our step...

My first attempt came out like this.

Former journalist and class swot turned happily married hippy. Yoga and meditation enthusiast. Obsessed with my loved ones. Horses for life.

Of course, no-one is as simple as just one story. We are all a collection, an anthology of good times and bad times, days when we felt confident or weeks when we felt overwhelmed. Instances of triumph and humiliation.

But if you had to sum it up. What would you say? What is your story? 

A good story can keep you on the right road, with a great view


  1. Horse trainer, endurance rider, blissful newlywed, dog lover, with a passion for photography and a never-satisfied wanderlust!

    1. Hey Dom :) Living the dream there! xxx