Friday, 14 July 2017

Lucky number 13

We are up to our thirteenth ride since Zed got the all-clear from his minky leg. 

And no headshaking. Dun, dun, daaaaa! Apart from once near the end of a ride but I'm pretty sure he just had a bladder the size of a beach ball because he did a 25 minute two-part epic urine evacuation and then looked mightily relieved.

We're riding in the fields because we're both sick of arenas and I feel it's better for his balance and fitness as they're on a gentle slope which should help build muscle and strength and reduce his Thelwell gut to an acceptable level. Plus Denny Emerson says you should walk, walk, walk your horse to build fitness and confidence and if he says that then I'm in. 

In addition, it's an opportunity for Zed to learn about life and the fact that little rabbits sometimes live in the cattle grids that you have to walk by and sometimes those little rabbits will be hiding right under your hooves and will dart for safety and take you by surprise. At which point you should probably NOT leap into the air, farting and grunting and test your rider's balance.

So it's an education all round. Though not always a relaxing one.


Angry face after we rode in the rain and then I wanted to take photos instead of untack.
My biggest aim is that all of this leads to hacking out on the roads on our own. He's good in company and I prefer it too but feasibly there isn't always someone to go out with and I'd really like to ride him out as much as possible.

I'm so tempted just to give it a go one early Sunday morning before the traffic is bad but at the moment my sensible head is saying he needs to lead a couple of hacks in company first before we take that step. 

It's nice to have goals like this, but it's also nice to remember that things were not looking great for the first half of the year and so everything's a bonus from this point. 

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