Friday, 21 July 2017

Nancy and Zed keep me out of the nut hut

Obviously, moving house is ridiculous and stressful, so that is what we have chosen to do.

Where some people would drink their way through the nightmare, Zed and Nancy are keeping me propped up. 

It is such a mentally tiring time trying to get it all sorted but when I see their gorgeous little faces all the nonsense evaporates. Disappearing off to the stables or for a walk is where it all makes sense again and I can just take a breath and forget about it for a while. 

Zed is doing really well. We had our first road hack since he came back into work and he was terribly grown up and absolutely un-phased by traffic, stepladders, scaffolding and noisy builders. I think by the end of the summer we'll be happily solo. 

Yesterday we were in the indoor and the yard was exceptionally busy. There were three horses loading up for cross-country schooling, lessons starting and ending and about 200 sheep being shifted about and feeling very vocal about it. Zed was spot on and I even put up a tiny little straight bar for him to try. He stepped through it the first time but after that he jumped it about three times on each rein and did a genuine little pop. It was so much fun and I felt really happy. 

You can see his Welsh heritage in this photos I think 
Spot the Nancy 
None of these little milestones squat to anyone else but to me they mean the world. I'm finally back to enjoying my little sprout and all his majestic-ness.

See you once I've cleared all these cardboard boxes! 

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